About Us

I am a Dead Head. I have toured with various incarnations of the band since the late 80’s and plan on following the music and poetry that soothes my soul for eternity. Every time a tour is announced my fellow Dead Heads and I hustle to buy our tickets, figure out how we are getting to the show, and where we will lay our heads. Then the real fun begins! My fellow Dead Head sisters and I begin to plan what outfits we will wear to see our favorite musicians up on that stage, playing directly to us! It is all a part of the grand anticipation of what is to come!

As the years have gone by, it became obvious to me that there needed to be more options for those of us who wanted to wear something besides a men’s cut t-shirt to show our loyalty to our favorite bands- something we could dance and spin in, or simply lay in the grass and sit a spell. Most importantly, clothing that makes us feel an emotional connection and helps us discover our true selves. Every time I would search for just the right thing, I would get more and more frustrated because it was hard to find clothes that fit my body and mood- made me feel like me. After all, I know I will be in whatever I choose to wear for hours-sometimes in the hot blistering sun, and every now and then, in the pouring rain!

This apparel line is here to do just that. Give us all the options to rock out and have a real good time!
In creating this line, I soon realized that those men’s T’s were also a very important part of the fun! Those who choose to wear them like the options too! Something unique, something different, something creative, something empowering and something personal.

So here it is! Rock Free Love! Our first designs, in a plethora of colors and cuts! I hope you enjoy the styles and we look forward to creating more for each and every one of you!